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Finding the Right Travel Agency in Longwood

At Great Escapes Travel, we know what the Internet has done for travelers. At face value, it was a good thing. For the first time, travelers had the ability to book their own trips, but the truth is, travelers actually lost more than they gained by booking trips on their own; they lose having a travel professional, who truly knows the ins and outs of travel. At Great Escapes Travel, we want to be your professional


Travel Agents in Longwood: More Than a Middleman


A true travel agency is more than just a middleman, pushing paper from client to airline. Instead, we use our worldwide contacts to help our clients plan more than just simple trips; we help them plan memories. At Great Escapes Travel, we work with our clients on every detail of their travel plans. We help them add those little custom touches that really make a trip special.


Experience Counts


Great Escapes Travel has more than 40 years of experience planning everything from a family get-together to a destination wedding. We specialize in European River tours, cruises and family vacation packages. We have contacts throughout the world, making it easy for us to help our clients discover new vacation spots or rediscover old favorites, anywhere in the world.


As a traveler, you have a choice: to use a travel agency or to go it alone. If you are looking at vacation packages in Longwood, let us show you how Great Escapes Travel can make a difference!

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