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Great Escapes Travel – Where Experience Matters

For more than 40 years, the dedicated staff at Great Escapes Travel has been making travel plans for clients who want to travel. From Florida to the Danube River, we are a travel agency in Windermere that has the talent and experience needed to help anyone plan the trip of their dreams. In fact, at Great Escapes Travel, we think of travel plans as dreams-in-the-making.


Contacts around the Globe


One of the things we have discovered helps our clients the most is access to our ‘insider’ knowledge. Over the past four decades, our travel agents in Windermere have developed contacts with the world’s leading adventure and travel companies. This often gives us inside pricing and information about the latest changes in the travel world. From adventure trips climbing mountains to romantic cruises, our contacts help us plan perfect trips for our clients.


Endless Options throughout the World


In addition to our well-developed contact list, we know how important it is to create customized travel packages. As a luxury tours agency in Windermere, FL, we are experts in planning independent arrangements. We offer a variety of custom options and personal touches to fine tune any vacation to make it more memorable for you!


The next time you are planning a vacation, whether it is a family trip or a romantic getaway for two, let us help. At Great Escapes Travel, we have the experience, contacts and options you need to plan the perfect trip.

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